Results of corrosion tests of painted materials

ZAM® is superior to other coated steel sheets in terms of corrosion resistance after painting.

Appearances of coated materials after corrosion test (cross cut sections)


  • 1. As with Hot-dip Zn-5%Al alloy coated, it is recommended to control the concentrations of treatment solutions because aluminum contained in the coating layer dissolves into pre-treatment (zinc phosphate treatment) solutions and lessens their effects.
  • 2. The above painting data is an example. It is recommended that each customer test and check the paintability beforehand.
  • 3. When chemically-treated substrate is used, application of adequate primer is recommended.

Test conditions

  • ① SST: JIS Z2371 (neutral salt spray test) 35°C, continuous spraying with 5% NaCl
  • ② CCT: JASO M609-91 (combined-cycle corrosion test)
    SST (2 hrs) → Drying (4 hrs) → BBT (2 hrs)
  • Material tested: Untreated material of each coated steel sheet
    Pre-treatment: Zinc phosphate treatment (PALBOND 138)
    Paint: Acrylic resin Super Lac F-50 Film thickness: 30 μm


Source: Nippon Steel