Sliding characteristics – Workability

Sliding characteristics

Having a coating layer with high surface hardness and smoothness, ZAM® exhibits superior sliding characteristics.

Dynamic friction coefficients of various types of coated steel

Sliding test conditions

Sample size0.8 mm (thickness) x 30 mm(width) x 300 mm (length)
Press oilZ5 (Idemitsu Kosan)
Pressing pressure0.72、1.45、2.90N/mm2
Pressing force1、2、4kN
Pressing area46×30mm2
Withdrawal rate1000mm/min
Mold surface roughness#1000 (Polishing for each session)
Mold materialSKD11


ZAM® has better drawing characteristics than other types of coated steel sheets.

Limiting drawing ratios (LDRs) of various types of coated steel sheets

Conditions for deep drawing test

Diameter of punch (Dp)40mm
Diameter of die (Dd)42mm
Shoulder radius of punch (Rp)5mm
Shoulder radius of die (Rd)5mm
Stroke speed (Vp)60mm/min
Press forming oilZ5 (Idemitsu Kosan)


Coating massMaterialPost-treatment
ZAM®70/70 g/m2Deep drawing qualityZC treatment
Galvanized steel60/60 g/m2Deep drawing qualityZC treatment
Galvanealed steel45/45 g/m2Deep drawing qualityZC treatment

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