Chemical resistance

Acid / alkali resistance

In acidic and alkaline aqueous solutions, ZAM® shows the same cor rosion behavior as other zinc-based coated steel sheets.
Corrosion weight losses of coated steel sheets
in acidic and alkaline aqueous solutions

(Thickness: 2.3 mm, coating weight: 80/80 g/m2, untreated)

Ammonia resistance

ZAM shows better resistance toammonia than hot-dip zinc-coated and hot-dip 55% aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet
Corrosion weight loss of coated steel sheets in ammonia water

Results of exposure test in a closed compost house (5 years)

ZAM® showed better corrosion resistance than hot-dip 55%Al-Zn alloy coated sheet.
(No red rust occurred in any of the flat sections bent sections, and cut edges.)

Applications to cattle sheds and compost depots

Superior in both ammonia and humid resistances, ZAM® is suitable for use in harsh environments such as cattle sheds and compost depots which are highly corrosive and humid due to feces and urine, and breathing of domestic animals.


Source: Nippon Steel